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Focus Group Consent 

Purpose: Your child has been invited to participate in a focus group sponsored by Conscious Kids, a Stoic
Enterprises’ project, with the intention of bringing positive impact to future youth leaders by combining age-old wisdom and cutting-edge AI technology.

The information learned in this focus group will be used to improve the leadership content and the delivery method.
Procedure: As part of this study, your child will be part of a blended learning model with 5-10 other individuals.

As a kick-off, the group will meet virtually and a moderator will ask several questions while facilitating the
discussion. Afterward, your child will be asked to sign-into the AI-assisted web platform and work through the leadership theory and practices. Another virtual session will be conduct to dive into the learning material and group coaching session.

The focus group will be video recorded and a note-taker will be present. However, the responses will remain confidential, and no names will be included in the final report. Please note that there are no right or wrong answers to focus group questions. We want to hear the many varying viewpoints and would like for everyone to contribute their thoughts. Out of respect, please refrain from interrupting others. However, feel free to be honest even when your responses counter those of other group members.
Benefits and Risks: Your child’s participation may benefit him/her and others in the group by gaining new
knowledge around self-leadership and conscious leadership skills, positive psychology practices that they can incorporate into their daily lives. No risks are anticipated beyond those experienced during an average conversation. However, your child can choose whether or not to participate in the focus group, and s/he may stop at any time during the course of the study.

Confidentiality: Should your child choose to participate, s/he will be asked to respect the privacy of other focus group members by not disclosing any content discussed during the study, and the responses will remain confidential, and no names will be included in any reports.

I understand this information and agree to participate fully under the conditions stated above and recorded by Conscious Kids by Stoic Enterprises. I understand that participation in this study is voluntary and I agree to immediately raise any concerns or areas of discomfort during the session with the study administrator.

© 2023 by Conscious.Kids

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